The mission of CVAC is dedicated to preventing crime and assisting crime victims and their families and communities in Georgia through quality education, advocacy, counseling, and legislative initiatives.


Volunteers are valued as an integral participant of our advocacy team. They assist with vital components of our advocacy program in a variety of ways, whether it is in our office or providing direct assistance to victims.

Volunteers also provide administrative, clerical support, and assist with fundraising and community events. Volunteers bring their respective skills and talents to CVAC. Our Volunteers have a commitment and passion to serve victims of crime.

Crime Victims Advocacy Council offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.

How can you be of service?  

Community Outreach

Working in partnership with the CVAC staff, volunteers help to provide information, heighten awareness of CVAC and crime victims’ rights, and represent CVAC at community events.

Clerical Work, Fund-Raising, and Special Assignments

Volunteers provide clerical support to CVAC in various capacities. They also provide support for fund-raising events and special assignments.

Multi-Purpose (Flex) Volunteering

CVAC Volunteers enjoy the variety associated with using their talents in more than one of the areas described above or are willing to contribute their time wherever the need is greatest on a given day.

Court Volunteers 

Volunteers assist the victims and their families by being a court companion and providing information referrals and assisting Victims Advocates with other formal services related to victims. 

Indirect Service Volunteers may:

  1. conduct research and information searches on specific projects
  2. assist CVAC staff in event preparations
  3. assist with CVAC marketing needs
  4. distribute brochures
  5. assist with planning and execution of Nation Crime Victims’ Rights Week events
  6. other duties as necessary 

What can you offer CVAC? 

  • Sharing your skills, talent, ideas, or passion to help victims of crime, their families, other volunteers, and CVAC staff
  • Supporting a great cause
  • Making a difference in the lives of others 

CVAC Volunteers are asked to complete a brief training program. Upon training completion, we ask that each Volunteer make a dedicated effort – whether small or large to always serve victims of crime, their families, victim advocates, or other volunteers with compassion and always suppor the CVAC mission. We look forward to talking with you about ways to support CVAC and victims of crime.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, please complete our Volunteer Form or contact our Volunteer Coordinator at or call 770-333-9254. 

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